Southwest Spirit

Do you want to add a little spice or a tad bit of tanginess to your taste palate? During your turn of grilling or barbequing for friends, do you want to show off your cooking skills and flatter them? Then, Southwest Spirit is the right place to head onto. Southwest Spirit is a unique company that sells various dipping sauces, lip smacking fiery hot sauces, mind boggling Chilli paste and sizzling salsas that can make your day. Based in Annapolis, Maryland, at Southwest Spirit high quality sauces are made just the authentic way and makes you achieve the perfect steak and burgers that one could die for. They are not only used as meal toppers, but also adds a final touch to the appetizers, entrees or any type of sides and helps you to stand out for your next summer or winter party at your Restaurant delivery software home. Our mission is to create a chain of food products for sauces, dips and salsas that can help our customer to enjoy a lip smacking meal.

Our Purpose

Throughout the world, food is one of the driving forces to start any day. Food is something which calms down oneself and also helps make new friends and “treat” the old friends. At Southwest spirit, we believe in food and its accompaniment. Our sauces, dips and salsas elevate you simple homemade or store brought entrees or appetizers, sides or finger food to the next level and transform it to a restaurant made classic. At Southwest Spirit we believe in customer satisfaction and literally mean satisfying the customer’s palate. For any dry entrée, something tangy or spicy based on the customer’s taste buds or mood is what we create. Our main purpose of starting such a wonderful facility is to encourage use of sauces, dips and salsa and start healthy eating. There is very few sauce or salsa making companies and Southwest Spirit is one of the few companies that provide Dectar products that are fresh, made the authentic way and packaged after checking for quality. We are one among those who believe in quality products at reasonable rates. We try to help our customers to stretch their imagination when it comes to flavors and innovations in their recipes using our products.

Our philosophy that all the employees at Southwest Spirit believe in is to help customers find unparalleled quality level, accessibility, service and value. This is solely achieved through knowing about what the customer actually needs and innovating various ideas to bring in products for different types of customers around the world.

Our Passion

We collaborate with growers for fresh ingredients that go into our dips and sauces so as to provide the best to our customers. We change these cultivated natures gifts to canned or bottled goodies that can take your food experience to the next higher level that will never disappoint you. We have relations with food experts and have formulated these traditional recipes that are canned and bottled yet have the same flavor intact. Our passion for creating authentic products has always leaded us to loyal customers.

Sustainability coupled with social responsibility is our current and future goal. This includes recycling, reusing and reducing waste along with conserving electricity, natural gas and water. We are passionate about working smarter and channel ourselves to innovation. We realize that we are providing the building blocks for all the food prepared around the world and hence are passionate that our every single promise made to the customer is taken care of.

Our Products

Keeping our customer’s needs in mind, we have various products and condiments that are made from scratch in the traditional way. Fiery Chili paste, Zoplay ordering system, dipping sauces and sizzling salsa are our most sorts after condiments. They are made in our facility that believes in quality where tradition and customer needs go hand in hand. The sauces and dips have various level of spiciness ranging from mild to very hot and you as customers are given this wide range to choose from. We believe that for every occasion and recipe, the need for the salsa or dips or hot sauce varies from mild to extremely hot and one should be given a choice to devour the food with the right condiment. The ingredients that go into our products are natural and are the right ones that are need for that particular product. For example, if we are producing a Salsa Verde, then it is made from authentic Mexican raw tomatoes. There is no comprising whatsoever in the quality and taste.

Our products are inspected and quality checked every now and then so as to retain the guarantee. We are committed to customer satisfaction and quality as we strive hard to earn trust and also the loyalty of all our valued customers. Our products are easy to just eat as no cooking is required. Healthy and best when it comes to appetizers or sides. At Southwest Spirit, you turn a particular dish from ordinary to excellent; stretch your creativity by adding our authentic sauces and salsas.

Check out some of the famous sauces and salsas that leave you with a smile every time you taste them.

These salsas, dipping sauces and pastes are canned or bottled in our high-quality facility that believes in customer satisfaction. Because after all food is God! This only belief at Southwest Spirit. At Southwest Spirit, taste meets quality undoubtedly.