Chilli Paste

For spice lovers, this has to be the end point. Chili paste! The chilli paste made at our facility is the best condiment for spice cravers. They are made from fresh chilli peppers and flavorful seasonings that could be used as a spread, swirl into recipes that require flavor boost and a little heat. This chilli paste could be used to replace the everyday chilli powder that few recipes as in for. Your stir fries and sauces can get a dash of heat from this authentic chilli paste. There are different types of chili pastes from countries like Korea, Japan and Turkey. Each has a different level of spiciness and usage of it in dishes is different. In Korea it is called Gochujang and it is termed as Biber Salcasi in Turkey and called as Yuzukosho in Japan. They are all red pastes made out of chili peppers. There are different levels of spiciness ranging from mild hot, slight to medium hot and very hot to extremely hot. They are ideal for salads, marinated meat, stews and soups and can also be a substitute for chilli powder. When one is looking out for culinary inspiration, these chili pastes come handy as they help your soups and Asian cuisine to open up avenues of adventure in taste by using just a tiny dab of this exciting paste.