Hot Sauces

What are fries or a dumpling or even a bread stick without any hot sauce? The wide variety of hot sauces at Southwest Spirit will make you want to taste each dumpling with different dipping sauces. This common condiment that is made here, adds an amazing texture and flavor to your favorite crackers, dumplings, seafood, pita bread, falafel, tortilla chips and much more. These finger foods are just taken to another level once they are dipped in our authentic heavenly made dipping sauces. These hot sauces are made of fresh ingredients in a facility that believes in stable quality. There is various level of tanginess and spiciness that one could choose based on the finger food or their spice threshold.

Marinara sauce, Mayo, Mustard, Hummus, Siracha sauce, Tartar sauce, Ranch dressing, Guacamole and buffalo sauce are common dips that are used around the world. Every country in the world has their own dips that suit their taste palate. Any get-together needs a starter and to make the starter or appetizer stand out one should get a tasty dip to go with it. For burgers and nachos they are an ideal match made on earth. Going beyond the typical tomato ketchup, these hot sauces are bound to give you the satisfaction of eating something gourmet and will jazz up the next dish that you will savor.